Is Your Dachshund Overweight? Here’s What You Do

August 25, 2017


You don’t mean to feed your pup too much, but when they come to you with those huge brown eyes, what else are you supposed to do?


Truth is; it’s understandable if you give in to your pup’s whims when they look at you with so much love in their eyes. But if you want them to live a long happy life, you may have to think twice before giving them the extra dog food.


Because of their small stature and size, dachshund puppies gain weight fairly quickly, and that becomes an issue if they become obese. Nevertheless, if you aren’t quite sure whether your pup is obese, here are 3 signs that should be enough to convince you.

How do you know if Your Dachshund is Overweight?

They Have Trouble Moving

Overweight dachshunds have a tough time getting around. Even simple hop ups become too exhausting for them since their short feet aren’t able to carry their weight. You may also notice them lying down more, because they’re using their extra energy to carry their weight around.


You Can’t Feel their Ribs

By nature, dachshunds have a bit more extra skin on them than other dogs. And while their ribs may not be so visible, you should not have any trouble if you try to feel them. If you can’t feel their bones when running your hands down their chest, that’s a sure sign they have too much fat on their bodies.


They Have No Body Definition

While you may have called them hot dog in jest, be cautious if your dog starts resembling them. A dachshund pup’s ribcage usually sticks out a bit from the rest of their body, and narrows down around the waist to where their hips are. Though this physique isn’t as prominent in some breeds, if you’re unsure of your dog, you can always ask the breeders about your miniature dachshund’s details.


What Should You Do?

As miniature dachshund breeders, we have had our fair share of dog owners coming to us with their concerns, so we have quite a few tips to guide you through this process.



Food isn’t a metaphor for love. It will be hard but don’t scoop out bowls of dog food because you want to. Dogs are just like spoilt children. They’ll always ask for more food. And like children, they won’t stop loving you if you don’t give it to them. Distract them with a cuddle and rub their bellies the next time they ask.



Also, buy quality food. Human food like meat, pasta (or even ramen) isn’t going to give them the proteins and nutrients they need. Avoid processed food and stick to healthy ingredients like green beans, bananas and carrots.


And lastly, don’t give up. Though it will be difficult for you, keep the bigger picture in mind and be patient with your grumpy puppy. After all, it’s their health and well-being on the line!

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