Turning Dragons into Darlings: A Trainer’s Manual for Dachshund Owners

April 6, 2017



Breeds of the feared hound family, Dachshunds have evolved to become loving and friendly creatures.


These four-legged hunting dogs can be great social companions and a source of personal fulfillment for the owner.


However, these mini doxies have to be trained properly. We at Red Oak Dachshunds have created a manual for Dachshund owners.  


Here are some crucial things you need to know about these sausage-shaped puppies:


​​Bringing the Pet Home

Before you get your Dachshund home, there are a few things that you should do:

  1. Cover up all electrical outlets.

  2. Hide all items that the pet might want to chew.

  3. Have a crate ready; your little pup needs to think of it as its den.

  4. Have some toys ready.

  5. Keep a couple of days free so that you can get to bond with it.

Crate Training Tips

  1. Make sure that the crate is strong and is big enough for the Dachshund to stand, sit and turn around.

  2. Do not shut the door for longer periods of time in the beginning. Gradually increase the time. Remember, the little guy needs to feel comfortable in there.

  3. Keep the crate in a place where your puppy can see the rest of the family. This can help great deal in bonding.

  4. Do not let children play in that crate.

Developing Social Skills

As soon as you bring the cute puppy home, start working on developing its social skills. Although it will weigh around 11 pounds in adulthood, if it’s not trained with proper social skills, they may give you a hard time.


The best way to develop the puppy’s social skills is to allow him to mingle with other dogs and humans when young. This allows it to adapt to changing environments.      


Keeping Your Dachshund Active

With a relatively high prey drive, Dachshunds need proper outlets. One good way to channel their energies is to take them out for walks two times a day.


You should have your pet exercise regularly. Also, allot play time. This interaction is good for social skills development; it will also keep them healthy. If you keep them engaged, your puppy will steer clear of any destructive activities.  


Obedience Training


The method of reinforcement works well when teaching your pet to respect.

Reward all desirable behaviors and negatively reinforce the not-so-desirable things.

A reward can be a cookie or a hug; whereas negative reinforcement can be minimizing playtime or not giving that cookie.   


Confused about where to adopt a miniature dachshund puppy? We at Red Oak Dachshunds provide dachshund puppies for sale. With a team of expert breeders, we raise an incredible breed of healthy and playful pups.    




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