R’uh R’oh: Common Accidents You Experience Living with a Dachshund

May 15, 2017


Scratched cushions and furniture, muddy paw prints on the carpet (and sofa), and a suspicious brown lump near the window. A dog sitting guiltily – covering his eyes and whining… How many times have you entered your living or bedroom, witnessing this?



Adopting a puppy is a big responsibility. You will have to take care of his feeding schedule, potty and house train the pup.


It seems adopting a lively and playful puppy is worth more trouble than warranted yet don’t despair! You can easily train your dachshund puppy to be the healthy, happy and independent dog this breed can grow up to be.


Plan 2-3 Weeks of Vigorous Housetraining


The first few weeks after adopting a puppy should be all about housetraining. You will have to take extra precautions and constant vigilance to make this period successful. What is housetraining?


Dog housetraining refers to conditioning your dog to relieve himself outside (or inside in a prepared space). Dachshund breeders recommend and use two common methods to accomplish this goal, the Direct Method and Paper Method.


Some Basic Advice to Help With Housetraining


It’s critical to ensure your dog doesn’t relieve himself in the wrong place during initial training period. The puppy will start to think it’s okay to go wherever he wants. Prevent accidents by closely observing your dog.


Regulate Your Dog’s Feeding and Watering


Make your life easier by setting specific times for eating. Regulate his food and water intake during the day, giving fresh water in the morning and after eating. Most dogs relieve themselves 15–20 minutes after eating so keep a close eye.


Other times your dog is more likely to go are: when they wake in the morning, after playing, just before bedtime, or when going for a car ride.


Always wait 20 minutes for your dog to show interest in his food bowl before removing it. The idea is to train the puppy to eat and drink in one sitting rather than throughout the day.


Restrict Access inside the House


Accidents will happen during these initial training weeks. It’s important to show love and patience to your dog.


Never leave a still untrained puppy alone inside the house. Don’t have any choice? Make sure the animal stays in a defined space as running free is akin to an open invitation for accidents to happen.


It only takes a bit of effort, patience and some time to fully housetrain your puppy. Miniature dachshund puppies require even less time to become housetrained! Find your furry eared companion from Red Oak Dachshunds today!     

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