Here’s What Every Dachshund Wants Their Human To Know (Part 2)

June 23, 2017

We’re picking up from where we left off. Here’s more of what our Dachshund companions wish we’d know.


‘I Understand Your Tone’


Although Dachshunds do not understand language, they do understand your tone. They can tell when you are being rude or friendly.


Make sure you keep your tone in check. You do not want to upset your furry friend with a harsh tone.  


‘I Need Rules and Regulations’

Although the Doxies love their freedom and independence, they can get irritated without rules.


For them, it’s a confusing and unpredictable world, and rules are their hope for finding any structure in it.


Make sure you let the pet know where boundaries are. This enhances their trust in you and is good for their overall wellbeing.  


‘What’s with the Extra Hugging?’

There is no denying the fact that Dachshunds are cuddly. Over the years, we humans have learnt to express our support, love, joy and other emotions through hugging.


For us, wrapping our hands around and squeezing represents all things good. However, the sausage dog has not evolved for this phenomenon, neither physiologically nor psychologically. The creature does not have long arms like you to reciprocate. Also, it might view your act of hugging as a sign of dominance.    


‘I Do Not Always Like to Interact With Other Dogs and People’

Dachshunds are social creatures. However, that does not mean that they like to interact with everybody.


You, as the keeper, might want to show off your pet’s social skills but your pet might not like it one bit and start barking. It is very important to read cues and do not push it.


‘I Want You to Be Interesting’

The dachshund is adventurous and curious. It can easily get bored if appropriate stimulation is not provided.


While you are busy doing your grown-up stuff, the dog starts feeling the monotony of its life. Your dog has been waiting for you all day long and now that you have come, the last thing it expects is for you to be boring.


Play with it, teach it some new trick or if you can’t think of anything else, take it out for a stroll. This will keep him stimulated.


‘My Memory Is Not As Good’

A dachshund’s memory is not as sharp as ours. If you are being mad at it for a thing it did the previous day, you are being quite unreasonable.


To get the Dashie trained, it is important to provide reinforcement or punishment immediately.

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