A First-Hand Look at Owning a Miniature Dachshund

July 26, 2017


Owning a miniature dachshund is more of an adventure than anything.


Adorable and feisty, miniature dachshunds provide their families with years of entertainment and love. Loyal to their owner, these pups are quite independent and love to give make their owners run around with them because of their active lifestyle.


But that’s not all they do. If you want to adopt a miniature dachshund, you need to know all the details, good and bad. And that’s what we at Red Oak Dachshunds are here to provide.



Although there are a lot of breeds when it comes to dogs, miniature dachshunds stand apart from the crowd because of their small size and fun attitude. Dachshunds are known to be hunting dogs and are usually the first ones to run out the door if you even give a hint of a walk around the block. These dogs love to sniff around and run, which only reflects their need for independence as a dominant personality trait.



While they are tiny, miniature dachshunds are also very vocal. Though that’s easily controlled if you train them well, their bark is what makes them quite useful as guard dogs. The miniatures are also exceptionally good with children. These dogs love to get pampered and played with, and because of their size and nature, that’s exactly the type of attention they receive.

However, if you have children in the house, be sure to teach them that their dog is a living breathing animal so they must treat it with respect.



Consistency is vital if you want to train your miniature dachshund well. Don’t use different phrases for one simple command, such as down for ‘don’t jump up’ or ‘lie down’. Be firm with them and use a strongly spoken no when making a command.


Your pup needs to understand that their actions are wrong. If they do something wrong, make them understand their mistake. If you’re too lenient, it won’t take long before they work it out and start training you.


Health and Grooming


Obesity is a common problem with this breed since it adds stress to the dog’s spine and joints. Provide them with sufficient exercise and pay close attention to the guidelines related to their diet.


Also, if they’re long-haired or wire-haired, regularly groom their coats so they don’t become matted. Although these dogs are fairly low-maintenance, they still need at least minimal amount of attention.

Adopting a Miniature Dachshund?

Without a doubt, miniature dachshunds are a wonderful breed. Lovable and cuddly, these pets are the perfect snuggly companions for both children and adults. All you need is a miniature dachshund from a breeder that offers purebred pups!


Our pups are healthy and hand-picked for their traits and personality so you get the best dogs for adoption. If you think your dachshund is your ideal companion, take a chance and check our upcoming litters. Or go to our boys and girls page to pick a puppy now!

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