Here are some Things Every Miniature Dachshund Owner Should Know

July 27, 2017


As a first-time miniature dachshund owner, there are a lot of things you may not know about your pup.


Although they’re low maintenance and require only your love and lots of cuddles to stay happy, their care does require a bit of effort.


And as breeders of miniature dachshunds, we feel that we have the responsibility to let you know details.

Important Facts about Miniature Dachshund Care

Dachshunds can be Stubborn

Because of their nature as hunting dogs, dachshunds tend to be more inquisitive and stubborn. Dachshunds keep at a problem until they solve it, and mostly don’t back down. Unfortunately, this stubborn nature pushes them into things they shouldn’t get into, in the first place. Train your dog to be more obedient. Patience here goes a long way!


Dachshunds Train You Sometimes

Dachshunds are strong-willed dogs;training them can become an issue if you don’t have anything to motivate them. Toys or food usually works best, so use them as rewards after a good training session. In the end, you will need to adjust your routine a little as well, so your dog can feel comfortable with you.


Dachshunds are Picky about Weather

Remember that dachshunds are short so they’re much closer to the ground. When the rain falls, it doesn’t just fall on them from the top; it splashes at them from the bottom and the sides as well.


Be prepared to meet resistance if you need to walk them in the rain, in case they go potty. A solution to this is to start young and teach them that their stubbornness won’t be tolerated. Though, if the weather is really bad, keep them indoors.


Dachshunds Need Back Support When You Pick them Up

Support your dachshund’s chest and buttocks when you pick it up. Their spine needs extra support, improper handling can cause back problems. Teach other family members and friends that they should properly pick and carry the dachshund as well.


Dachshunds Dig… a lot

Their paddle-lie feet and hunting instincts makes them natural at digging the earth up for prey, so keep them away from your flowerbeds. Although there are plenty of dachshunds that aren’t diggers, you can never be too sure about your own. Look into the dog’s breed before you adopt them, just in case you need a fair warning.


Dachshunds Like to Snuggle

Because of their small bodies, you could say that dachshunds were built for cuddling.  They love to snuggle with their family and follow you around. They also like to burrow under the blankets so always be careful to look before you sit. Miniature dachshunds are really social dogs so do expect people to fall in love with your pup the first time they see them.


Adopt a Miniature Dachshund

So now that we’ve provided you with all this information, are you ready to welcome a dachshund into the family?


Red Oak Dachshunds offers purebred miniature dachshunds for all dog lovers. Check out our boys and girls and find a lovable puppy today to bring new light to your life!

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