Strengthening Your Bond with Your New Dachshund Puppy

August 24, 2017



So you’ve bought your dachshund puppy home for the first time and you can’t help but squeal a little. (That’s okay, we’ve all been there!)


With their adorable faces, cute tiny bodies and big eyes, these four-legged pups have stolen your heart and you can’t wait to play around with them and love them with all your might. But how should you start?


As breeders of miniature dachshunds, we know just the right methods to help you bond with your new pup!

Bonding with Your Dachshund in 3 Easy Ways

Let their Nature Show

After you’ve taken care of their needs, take your pup some place where they’ll be able to express their nature freely. It’s important to allow your dachshund to do what they’re bred to do – run, burrow, hunt and play around. You’ll notice the immediate change in your relationship with them. Your pup will see you as someone that allows them to have fun and will help them strengthen their instincts regarding you.


This will also give you the chance to see how your pup likes to move around.


Learn their Body Language

The best way to do this is to talk to your breeders directly. We offer this information through our blog as well.


Also, talk to different dachshund owners to get an idea about how you should communicate with them. Dachshunds are quite different than other dogs, so you may need to learn how to speak to them if you want them to listen to your commands. They’ll also be grateful if you’re able to pick up on their behavior and traits.


Remember; this is a relationship you need to work on. Make an effort!



Play Around

This is probably the easiest way to bond with them. Keep in mind that your pup is in your life because you need someone fun and lively around. Don’t expect your dog to just sit back because you want some peace and quiet. Trainers often encourage pet owners to play with their dogs since this builds an emotional bond. It also makes them listen and work hard to please their humans so it’s a win-win for both sides.

 Adopting a Dachshund

If you’re reading this because you’re about to adopt a dachshund, don’t worry! Dachshunds are quite loyal and live to please their owners. All they need is some tender love and care from your side to stick by you forever.


So don’t be afraid! We offer dachshund puppies for adoption. Visit our Puppies page and take your pick! You’ll have a best friend for life!


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