The Pupppies!

Puppy love. Meet the puppies here at Red Oak Dachshunds. Our goal is to complete families with health happy puppies one home at a time. 

All our puppies are raised in our home and handled every day. Deposits are nonrefundable so please be sure this is the puppy of your choice before placing a deposit down. We want loving permanent homes for our puppies that will treat them as part of the family. We do not ship our puppies but did you know for a little more than the cost of shipping a puppy you can fly here and pick up your puppy in person. It is a great way to meet your breeder and see how and where your puppy is raised. A spay/neuter contract will be signed on all our puppies and papers will be given after proof of spay/neuter only. Sorry, we do NOT sell our puppies with Full AKC breeding rights.
Please Read!
For the safety and protection of our puppies, we are changing our policy on how we offer our services. With the constant outbreaks of Parvo and Distemper in the south, we want to make sure our puppies are kept as safe as possible from these horrible diseases. We will no longer be allowing visitation for non-deposit holders. We have a facebook page that we are constantly posting pictures of puppies in their pen sleeping or play or interacting with our family we even post videos. We are always posting pictures of our adults in and outside our home. You can view our nursery room and where our dogs are kept on Facebook or I will be more than glad to send you pictures of them or extra pictures of the puppies at your request.  For deposit holders, you will be allowed one visit when your puppy is 6 weeks old, visits are weekends only and you will be given a date and time at least one week prior to your visit. We will have sanitation steps to affect to ensure your puppies protection when you come to visit and pick up your puppy/puppies from us. Our puppies health and safety is our utmost importance. Our puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age unless we feel they are not ready for their new homes yet then we may hold a puppy longer till we feel they are ready.
You can visit our facebook page at
Adopt a Darling Dachshund!
Are you considering adopting a pup? Dachshund puppies are an excellent choice!
Originally raised as badger hunters, these miniature hunters are highly attuned to their environments, evolving over time to be the laid-back lap dogs you see today.
At Red Oak Dachshunds, miniature dachshund puppies are raised to be playful and friendly—trained and disciplined to cultivate a loving disposition, and given a beautiful home that appreciates their unique personality.
As dachshund breeders, we have many years of experience in raising these cuddly canines, with a small but impressive collection of AKC-registered miniature pure-bred pups.
Located just south of Dallas and Lancaster, Texas, our humble and hospitable facility caters to all dog lovers interested in expanding their families.
The fun never ends when you’re with a darling dachshund! Give a playful pooch a home, and yourself, a reason to smile!
Deposits are $300. If you would like to adopt a puppy from us you must fill out our application first and read our health guarantee before placing a deposit. This helps us get to know the families that adopt one of our puppies better and it gives you also a great chance to get to know more about us.  Balance is due when you pick up your puppy in CASH ONLY.
Contact us at 
Cell 972-515-3820

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Because of the contagiousness of the COVID-19 virus and our daughter having cancer we will not be allowing customers in our home till further notice. We will meet the families for picking up their puppies and will be sure to take many videos and pictures as updates. 

All our puppies are one price of $1500 plus sales tax.